Hardcover Comic Book of Espionage, Dark Magic, and Monsters, Created by Paul Harding, Ron Marz, and Matthew Dow Smith

Beasts of the Black Hand is an adventurous horror story that takes place during the final dieselpunk infused days of World War I. Created by sculptor Paul Harding, written by Ron Marz, illustrated by Matthew Dow Smith, and colors by Neeraj Menon, this 64-page hardcover graphic novel is set to debut in early 2018 as an introduction to a multi-volume epic tale.

The time is December, 1916. War rages across Europe, some empires collapsing, others being born. In snow-covered St. Petersburg, Russia, the mad monk, Rasputin, is invited to dinner at Moika Palace by Prince Felix Yusupov. Among the dinner guests is a British secret agent named Oswald Rayner. This much is historical fact.

Despite the monk’s supernatural might, Rayner succeeds in assassinating Rasputin. But his death only presages far darker events. The secret cabal known as the Black Hand is plotting to unleash otherworldly horrors upon Europe.

It falls to Rayner to stop the Black Hand’s insidious plot. But standing in his way is Maria Rasputin, daughter of the mad monk and agent for the Black Hand. Their paths cross with near-fatal results in St. Petersburg, and then again in 1919 Paris, as world peace hangs in the balance at the Versailles Conference. Joined by allies like his aide Biffy Dunderdale and American war hero Henry Johnson, Rayner again must face Maria Rasputin, leading to confrontation that yields shocking revelations and deadly consequences. If Oswald Rayner fails, the Beasts will be unleashed.

A $25 or more pledge will get you a physical hardcover copy of the Beasts of the Black Hand graphic novel with 48 oversized 9″ x 12″ pages.

As of this article’s posting, Beasts of the Black Hand has reached 57% of its $24,000 funding goal with 17 days left in the campaign.

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