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You might know Josh Howard as the writer/artist and creator of the Image Comics horror series Dead@17. But, you might not know of his latest project — his “dream project” — T-Bird & Throttle. Conceived nearly two decades ago while Josh was toiling away in a local comic book store, T-Bird & Throttle is a callback to the comics of the 80s and 90s.

Josh is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to fund the first book of a (hopeful) T-Bird & Throttle comic book series.

T-Bird & Throttle #1 CoverAstronaut Mitchell Maddox becomes “more human than human” when he discovers a mysterious alien “engine” while on a lunar expedition. Naturally, he becomes a superhero with the moniker of T-Bird and uses his newfound abilities to defend Centennial City from the forces of evil. Then tragedy strikes and Maddox’s world is changed once again. The first issue of T-Bird & Throttle picks up ten years later and reveals a story about a hero’s fall from grace and his attempts to rebuild the life he has with his daughter.

Josh sites creators such as Frank Miller, Mike Mignola, and Erick Larsen as inspiration for new sci-fi superhero epic twenty years in the making.

With nearly three weeks left, and at over 50% funded, there’s little doubt that T-Bird & Throttle will reach its funding goal. But, Josh promises additional bonus rewards and add-ons

A $15 pledge will get you a physical copy of T-Bird & Throttle Book #1 that clocks in at a 48-page double-sized issue written and illustrated by Josh Howard. Most of the limited “Archive Sketch” pledge levels have already been snatched up, but there are a few left. If you dig Josh’s art (and, who doesn’t?) you won’t want to delay getting in on this.

If you’d like to give T-Bird & Throttle a test spin before pledging, you can check out the 16-page issue #0 here.

Book 1 of T-Bird & Throttle promises to be 48+ pages, with four books planned to comprise a volume one collection. For more information check out the T-Bird & Throttle #1 Kickstarter page.

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