Brian Michael Bendis Moves To DC

Bendis Makes His DC

That crescendo you heard this morning? That was the internet breaking with news that comic book writer extraordinaire Brian Michael Bendis was setting up his shingle at DC Comics.

DC Comics tweeted early on Tuesday morning…

Bendis followed shortly thereafter with a tweet of his own…

With news that is being referred to as “rocking the comic book industry” by the likes of The Hollywood Reporter and Forbes, the tweets certainly caught comic book fans off guard. With a history that spans nearly two decades, the creator of such Marvel characters as Jessica Jones and Miles Morales was as much of a House of Marvel mainstay as Captain America and Spider-Man. Bendis will be moving from one exclusive contract to another.

Brian Michael Bendis career with Marvel included the writing of Ultimate Spider-Man in 2000, which introduced an updated origin of the web-slinger to a new generation of comic book readers. Before Marvel, the writer published many independent titles including Jinx and the superhero turned police detective epic Powers with collaborator Michael Avon Oeming. The writer is one of the few talents in the comic book industry that can boost sales of a title just by having his name on the cover.

The details about the writer’s move are still pending, but comic fans are surely already speculating on what DC Comics titles Bendis will likely be penning. Though if the reporter of this piece were to speculate, Bendis is a great fit for a new Captain Marvel series, which also happens to be a new movie coming out starring Zachary Levi.

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