Why Comic News Authority?

I love the comic medium. From as far back as over four decades ago, when I would buy comic books off of the spinner rack at the neighborhood 7-11 through today as I self-publish my own independent comic books. While the first modern comic book was published some eighty-four years ago—their characters and stories—dominate and inspire modern pop culture through movies and television, toys and video games.

In a time of cinematic universes, vinyl action figures, and creative cosplaying, news and discussion about the creativity and production of comics have been cast aside in favor of the promise of titillating imagery and controversial-seeking entitled links? Not all current comic book journalism is horrendous. But, it’s not what it once was. As comic books have become more mainstream, the comicsphere itself has had a bit of an implosion, and perhaps even now taken for granted. But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Comic News Authority—more of an inspired moniker than an actual self-declaration of expertise—will be a new comic book journalism web site with an old comic book journalism web site vibe. Comic News Authority aims to provide actual news, views, interviews, reviews, and previews about actual comic books and the derived mediums they bring about.

Comics have given readers and fans so much over the last eighty plus years, from the amazing to the world’s finest. It is my opinion that the press which covers the industry and medium could be a little more newsworthy itself.

Please join Comic News Authority in ushering in a new “old” approach to comic book journalism.

Thank you.

Dan Taylor
Comic News Authority
Publisher & Editor-In-Chief



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